viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2015

How are things there?!
Today,i was thinking( yes,sometimes i think) about what i want for chirstmas (in my country we don't really have Santa,instead of him we have the three wizards kings) and i decided to make a list with all the products that i want♡
So, lets go☺
1_Black converse( i always wanted them)
2_Grey Roshe( i am in love with those trainers!)
3_Perfume( i have been wearing Carolina Herrera's perfume for 3years,and recently i smelled the Daisys' one and i think i felt in love)
4_a cozy blanquet
5_Star Wars videogame(everybody needs one)

That is it!!!
♢/some of the presents will be paid for myself cause they're kind of (or kinda!?) expensive/
Thank you for your attention and loads of kisses 馃槜馃槜
I hope the best for all of you
Happy Chirstmas everyone!!!

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

This is not my first blog but probably , it will be the one i will post the most :)
okay,in here i will write about my fictional adventures with friends or whatever i want basically( heart emoji)
so this was everything for today,
good luck